It is now late August and we are just a few short days away from “officially” starting our 2017/2018 Homeschool year.

Version 2

One thing I want to start doing this year is really being proactive about writing down what the kids are reading so that when portfolio time comes around at the end of the year, I can be a little bit ahead of things.


At the moment, my process for that is when it’s portfolio time, I scurry back through all of my emails from the Library reminding me that their books are due in three days and type the titles and authors into a word document and I’m done.  This clearly is NOT a good system of doing things, and it often leaves me frustrated AND leaves their reading list only about 5 pages long for the year, which I know for a fact it’s more than that.


For this “school” year, I have already begun implementing a new system.  It works like this: as I am going through their books to be returned to the Library, I have scheduled time to sit and type into a document what books they read.  It seems simple enough, but for the past few years it has been all too easy to say “oh, I’ll get to it before we return these” and then I never get to it.  So by scheduling time to sit down and typeout these titles a part of our Library routine, I can accomplish this.

Version 2

It has worked out pretty well so far and has sparked some pretty great conversations about the books that they liked and books that they tried to get into but just couldn’t finish.

Give it a try and let me know if this works for you!  Happy Reading!!




I’m not Susie Q in the next windowless room down the hall.

I had a midwife appointment the other morning to discuss the findings of my ultrasound and what to do next.

I definitely have PCOS.

Immediately she said that for women in my situation trying to get pregnant, she prescribes a cocktail of meds.  She went onto say usually for women NOT trying to get pregnant, she will prescribe a birth control, aldactone, and metformin, but for me, she would just prescribe the latter two.  She went onto mention that she prescribes the aldactone to help lessen the testosterone in my body because usually women with PCOS have a lot of testosterone.  She then went on to say that with the metformin, she prescribes to women with PCOS because usually they have insulin resistance.

I went on to ask her if I needed the Metformin.  She then proceeded to tell me what she had just told me.  I asked her if *I* had insulin resistance, and she said again that usually women with PCOS have insulin resistance.

Okay….but that’s not good enough for me.  I am not going to take a medication for something that I *might* have.

I declined the meds and she and I discussed giving it until January to lose weight and start to heal my body naturally before going on meds.  When I go back in January, I will request a blood panel done to see my levels and see where I am at and if I actually do need to go on meds.  When I was diagnosed years ago, I didn’t have insulin resistance, and that’s what has led me to doubt the diagnosis up until now.

What people and Doctor’s fail to understand sometimes is that PCOS manifests itself SO differently in every person who has it.  IT really does.  Since PCOS has only recently really gotten the public attention that it needs for more research to be done, there is a lot of doctor’s out there who have no idea what to do with their patients who are diagnosed. Enter the blanket prescriptions.  But I’m not like Susie Q in the next windowless room down the hall, I’m ME.  I am not discounting that I *might* need these meds, but at the end of the day, I have enough struggle as it is getting pregnant, so why would I risk my healthy taking meds that I may not need?

Our August 13th trip to the Magic Kingdom

Since becoming Annual Passholders, we have been taking day trips to Disney World every chance we get.  This past weekend, we spent a Sunday at the Magic Kingdom.

We arrived shortly after the park opened.  Firs thing’s first, of course, was to stop by the Fire Station.  We are big Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom players, so every time we are at the Magic Kingdom, we can stop and get a new pack of cards.  This game is such a fun way to pass the time if you are waiting in between Fast Passes or if you just want to traipse around the park all day.


We then made our way down Main Street and stopped by the Main Street Starbucks for our morning java.  I love this Starbucks.  While we were there, there was a Cast Member dressed in period clothing cheering every body up.  It was an unexpected morning treat and our kids loved her.


After Starbucks we then proceeded to Casey’s Corner for one of our must-haves of each trip, the corn dog nuggets.  Guys, I am NOT a corn dog type of girl, but these things are SO delicious!  Also, what is it with Disney fries?  They are the best fries I have ever eaten!


After our delicious breakfast of corn dog nuggets, fries, and Starbucks, we then made our way over to the Pirates of the Caribbean since it was our first Fast Pass of the day.  The Stand By line was already at 50 minutes, and so we were rather grateful that we had fast passes.  As a family, this is one of our favorite rides.  With the addition of the new photo opportunity, it makes it that much more fun.  Our kids are old enough to have fun posing for things, and this ride was no exception.
After we had a swashbuckling time at Pirates of the Caribbean, we made our way over to the Haunted Mansion since it was our second Fast Pass of the day.  This ride is also a family favorite.  With the wait time already at 45 minutes, we were again thankful for our Fast Pass.


With Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean under our belts, we were ready for our third Fast passes of the day and made our way to Tomorrowland. Now, Aiden is NOT a fan of thrill rides, so at this point, I had previously made a Fast Pass for Alana and me to go on Space Mountain at the same time William and Aiden had a Fast Pass for Buzz Light-year’s Space Ranger Spin.  The fast passes were at the very same time, so this worked out great for all of us and gave us the ability to start selecting extra Fast Passes for our day.

After using our third Fast Pass for the day, we decided to get a Fast Pass for Under the Sea-Journey of the Little Mermaid.  We would not normally waste a Fast Pass on this ride but for some reason, the Stand By line was already at 25min and we honestly didn’t feel like waiting.

Since we had some time to kill, and the line was short, we hopped onto the Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover.  This is such a great ride and a nice way to enjoy a breeze and put your feet up for a few minutes.  It takes you through a few rides and it also gives you some great views of the Magic Kingdom below.


After the People Mover, we still had a little bit of time before our Little Mermaid fast pass, so we went over to Fantasyland and completed our next Sorcer’s of the Magic Kingdom mission.  While we were there we were approached by a tween girl wanting to trade cards.  This was so fun for the kids because it was the first time this happened, and this girl had a TON of cards.

When we got over to Journey of the Little Mermaid, we scanned our magic bands and got into the Fast Pass line.  While we waited I went ahead and secured us another Fast Pass for Under the Sea-Journey of the Little Mermaid.  Why would I do that?  Well, sometimes I think it’s fun to be able to say to the kids, “hey, want to ride this again right after we go?” and they love it.  It’s such a small way to give them a little bit of extra magic on our trips.

After adventuring under the sea with the Little Mermaid, it was about time for us to grab a snack.  We had already decided earlier in the day that we wanted to try the Cinnamon Roll at Gaston’s Tavern, and since we were practically right there, that’s where we went.  When we got there, the line was almost non-existent, but then it quickly started to fill up as the storm clouds started to appear outside.  Luckily, William went with the kids to scope out seats, which ended up being right in front of the fireplace, while I stood in line to get our goodies.  When it was our turn to order, we ordered four Le Fou’s Brews and one Cinnamon roll with EXTRA frosting.  This is the key to a delicious cinnamon roll….the extra frosting!  They came out with our cinnamon roll first, which was about the size of a small child’s head, and it was drenched in frosting.  As I was holding it, someone came up to us from the back of the line and said “I’m sorry, I just have to have this in my life, what is that?!?!”  This made us chuckle.  After our brews were ready, we made our way to our table and enjoyed our snack.


Le Fou’s Brew is probably our most favorite thing to drink at the Magic Kingdom.  We all just love it and can’t get enough of it.  Usually we would order just two of a drink, one for the adults to split, and one for the kids to split, which means less time sitting and more time riding rides, but Le Fou’s Brew is so special, we all get our own and take our time enjoying it.  It’s just *that* good.


While we were snacking, it had begun to rain.  So when we headed to our next Fast Pass, which was the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, we were walking in a light drizzle.  Naturally we forgot to replenish our poncho supply, but the rain felt good as we walked, and we didn’t get caught in an actual downpour.  Side note, I actually just opened my grocery app and made sure to add ponchos to our next Walmart trip.  That’s where we get them for about a buck each, which is significantly cheaper than buying a poncho in the parks!  Winnie the Pooh is also one of our families favorite rides and lucky for us, as I was searching for our next Fast Pass, a Fast Pass came up for Peter Pan’s Flight for right after our Winnie the Pooh ride, so of course I snagged it!

After we flew through Neverland, we headed back over to the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh because the kids requested it and there was a Fast Pass available.  Lucky for us, we did not have to wait in the 35 min line BOTH times we rode, THANKS to the Fast Pass.

After adventuring with Pooh, we realized that it was high time we actually go sit down somewhere and enjoy some quiet and rest our feet.  Our absolute favorite place for this, is Columbia Harbor House.  Not many people go there, and when they do, not many people know that you can sit upstairs, so often times, it’s not crowded at all.  We have a favorite little nook of the second floor that allows us to people watch the crowds below while enjoying some delicious seafood and a bit of quiet.   While we are, I went ahead and got us an early evening Fast Pass for Pirates of the Caribbean.


With our tummy’s full and our feet rested, we made our way over to Adventure-land to ride Pirates of the Caribbean again.  While we waited in line for Pirates, I secured us a Jungle Cruise fast pass for immediately following our Pirates ride.  This made me a little nervous because our first ride on the Jungle Cruise on one of our past trips, left a LOT to be desired.  I think it was just a combination of how hot the day was, how crowded the park was, AND we didn’t fast pass it, so we waited 35 minutes to get on it.  I’m happy to report though that we had a BLAST and would ride it again if we needed something to pass the time and a Fast Pass was available.  The kids LOVED it because it was full of corny jokes and they are at that age where everything is ‘punny.’  Hahaha, see what I did there?

After cruising through the Jungle, we heard the beckoning calls of the Citrus Swirls and Dole Whips, so was took a short walk over the Agrahbah and got us a table while William and Aiden went off and got us our frosty treats.


After our treats, the boys went off to the Frontierland Shooting Arcade, while Alana and I adventured over to Splash Mountain for our final ride of the day.  As we were walking up, we saw that the mountain was dry, and we were immediately bummed.  At our Fast Pass time, I received an email that stated that our ride was down, and we can either wait for it to come back up, or we can go ride a select few other rides instead. Lucky for us, we didn’t have to wait long, because the Mountain was wet again and we went ahead and tried our luck to get onto it.  We sat in the very front and got DRENCHED but it was such a great way to end our park day.


On our way out of the park, we stopped at a kiosk to get Alana a Mickey Pretzel, as well as another kiosk to get Aiden some Popcorn.  As we got closer to the front of the park, William and I realized we were both hungry as well, and so since we were passing it, we stopped at Sleepy Hollow Refreshment and grabbed some grub.  William got the corn dog and chips, and I got the Sweet and Spicy Chicken Waffle Sandwich.

After our snack stop, we made our way out of the beautiful Magic Kingdom, got on the monorail to the ticket and transportation stop, and boarded the tram just as the Happily Ever After fireworks show had begun.  Since we drive almost three hours to get home, we don’t stay for fireworks unless we are staying over night.  We love them though and highly recommend them!

Overall it was another great Magic Kingdom day in the books for our little family.

Until next time,


Unexpected gifts.

My sister and her husband gifted me with a remembrance necklace for Elias back in December.  It’s gorgeous and exactly what I had in mind when I was pondering about getting something similar shortly after we lost him.
I was at a loss for words when she presented it to me.  I also felt the tears, but they just didn’t come.
It’s the thoughtfulness from many different places in my life that I have witnessed since our loss that reminds me that I am truly blessed.

anger. emptiness.

I feel so incredibly empty right now and yet part of me feels like I’m at a crossroads.

I could decide to go to the right… and accept what happened and try to move on…or I can go to the left and wallow a little longer in my anger and what might have been.

I also feel that this crossroads is a bit premature….what’s the rush.  Is it time already?  It’s only been 9wks 6 days.

I find some joy in these days, here and there, but mostly, I feel empty.

And angry.

Oh the anger…

I could launch rockets with the amount of anger I have right now.

I can scream.

I am trying not to be mad at God, but part of me wants to ask him why this had to happen. Why me.  Why, when every single night I didn’t fall asleep unless I thanked HIM for this gift he had given us.   I ate right. I didn’t drink sweet tea…or coffee or eat junk food.  I know those are okay in moderation during pregnancy, but I wasn’t going to take any chances.  We were gonna do everything right this time.  I was exercising and drinking water and indulging in cantaloupe daily….because the baby craved that cantaloupe like no one’s business.

I never complained.  My face had grown oily and I had to wash it at least twice a day.  I was exhausted beyond comprehension.  But I never complained.  Nope…not once.

I wanted this baby, I prayed for him and I wasn’t going to take him for granted.

We were even planning a water birth by a Midwife…or even a homebirth.  We were going to do everything as natural as God intended it.

I never complained.

Did we love him to much?  Why wasn’t that enough?  Should we have toned it down a bit?

I just don’t understand, and then that leads to the anger.  And then I’m become frustrated because I know God has his reasons…but I just can’t understand…and then I get frustrated again…because at least Elias is in Heaven…and I need to rejoice in that…but why couldn’t we have him.

See…. some days I’m angry…and some days I’m empty.

I’m sure I’ll work through it with time and William and I have talked about me finding an outlet for all of this anger…. but God help me.

If my tears or my love could bring him back, he’d be safely inside of me right now.

9wks. 5days.

It has been a total of 9wks and 5days since we lost Elias.  While we rejoice that he is in Heaven with our Lord, missing him still doesn’t escape us.  There are so many questions left unanswered.  So many tears left to cry.  Just so much right now.

Sometimes I want to scream.

I still dream about him.

I still yearn to feel his first kicks.

I still wish I was craving cantaloupe and dealing with a constant oily face.

I still wish I was exhausted.

I just miss him.  We all just miss him.

One of these days I will sit down and write his story.  Right now though, I am going to go spend some precious time with our other two children.  Time has become so precious lately.